Someone also said you only need one aerial plugged in to get dual DVB-T, not sure how true it is but sounds very handy, again, sadly a no-go. The diversity feature is not supported yet. I’ve been using a Dvico dual tuner with MythTV for about 8 months now. I’ll find out when mine arrives. I’m running Windows 7 but going to run it anyway, surely I’ll figure out the slow channel change problem.. Thanks for keeping us up to date wisc, great news that everything is working fine.

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Thus blocking one of the 1x pci-e slots. The remote control isn’t included in the package.

Be wary of the lunux ones on ebay the ones everyone seems to sell. TV card seems ok for normal viewing however as soon as i start recording something without touching the computer or changing the channel getting this error message after about a minute: If not suitable, I’m sure the card can be liquidated on ebay Oz for a small profit!


Pretty sure it’s HD. This card does seem to be supported by MeediOS and well regarded by that userbase, but to be truthful I’ve never used either! D I can let you know once i get mine if your worried about it….


You don’t want the cheap ones that come with these anyway, they suck. EACH tuner is analogue and digital capible.

– [Docs][PRD][Change][Admin]Remove Linux bridge plugin support from Neutron integration

Thanks for keeping us up to date wisc, great news that everything is working fine. According to one guy on xpmediacentre ,inux http: When did he ship it? Can’t believe you got it that quick!

The only thing that apparently doesn’t work on v1’s under LIRC is the ir blaster. Is it s-video input only or both composite and s-video? Hoping for the best now.

The two connectors are for some countries that get say analog over the air, and digital through a cable. It seems our friends in the UK are the ones experiencing issues while no one in Australia has mentioned any problems with Windows 7 and the Pinnacle.

The small ones that come with some usb tuners are worthless in my experience. I think it comes bundle with some software telly but you could probably 3010i out DScaler too? New Deals New deals from Computing category that have just been posted by our users. I’ll find out when mine arrives.

Mine says shipped now too, wonder how long it takes now: This page has been accessedtimes.


Just need some clarification on the inputs to this card for capturing from an old VCR. D i’m also tempted to buy another for the media PC, but it doens’t have PCI-e, but i do have a spare PCIe board, but it wont fit in that lihux would be cheaper to buy another case for the media PC and stick one of these cards in it though: This was posted 9 years 3 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

Well, I ordered one anyway. Nice remote and good price! I think it’s a dual tuner http: Pinnacle Systems Inc, founded in Mountain View, California, inis a designer and manufacturer of PC based analog and digital video capture devices.

The cause was that the signal strength was too weak to allow the extra tuner.

I have had this error message when trying to install 3010x third tuner into my HTPC. I’ll report my findings after i get it if your still monitoring this thread.

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