Forums Posts Latest Posts. See details about them at https: I was thinking the same as hwfreak. Forum contains no unread posts Forum contains unread posts Mark all read. Details as provided by IgorGIV here. GeForece Experience 3 is working.

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DMP param3 4. Sorry for digging this out but it is working ok now.

A mod needs to move this into the place of my stickied driver thread Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? December 11, 6: Nvidla you’ve got about years of current gaming use then.

Heinlein, “Time Enough for Love. I have reported the problem at nvidia official forum. All you are doing is dumping whats in memory to hiberfil.

Nvidia GeForce Graphics Driver Driver – TechSpot

I think it’s an issue for everything at or above Hz. I got an egpu because my radeon card 32.90 in a tragic death of a pop and a crackle.

What eGPU interface should I invest in instead? In the meantime I kept my Win8. My Vostro has “Not-capable” hot plug and i can’t do anything with this on bios: That way your desktop icons don’t get scattered all over the place. Whatever problem you have when you shut down is still going to be there when it starts back up as drivers are the number one thing it dumps from the ram to the drive and the first to load coming back up. Let me quote myself: James, the expresscard interface is specced as being hotpluggable.


Compufreak Superclocked Member Total Posts: As mentioned above it works well for Witcher 3. Essentials Only Full Version. With the drivers the game just freezes for seconds at a time or until I alt tab it, it’s unplayable that way. December 7, 1: With all settings maxed out except using FXAA instead of the highest setting I get fps in the build in benchmark at p compared to before.

What if TB3 is too expensive?

NVIDIA Releases 372.90 WHQL Game Ready Driver

It’s just a pain to do this everytime you first boot the 327.90. JustinThyme – I appreciate your opinion. User Control Panel Log out. M2 NUC user also posting working screenshots with I’m having a similar issue and I found a way to get I will keep you informed Maybe the OP could add them for people into the original post.

I run an Asus VGHE monitor at hz, and have never see the flickering issue so far in any of the driver updates. So my standard boot time is around seconds in comparison to fast boot at average seconds at HDD – and no problems after 2 years of laptop usage – till today. Yeah I know there are workarounds, yours or setting the refresh rate to Hz and then back to Hz.

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