If you’re thinking of buying a Hercules Dynamite TNT2-Ultra if it is available locally , it will take quite a while before you can buy one and it won’t be cheap. And of course don’t miss the P that is all out! The following two charts show the complete Quake-2 results for Demo1 and Demo2 respectively. Regarding software, a few free games or at least a playable version of an upcoming game like Draken and some cool demos. The performance drop is quite small as you can see from the graph and this is something you can be assured of with the TNT2.

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The box is so big that you open eagerly to find only a small PCB, CD, manual and others which gives you a feeling that you might have over-paid or have something missing! TNT2 graphic speed was crippled by missing local frame buffer blasterr slow access to the main memory. These should have the Ultra-word laser etched on to the chipset.

Creative Technology Creative Technology Ltd. The good thing is that they use TNT2 core that is a new chipset made from a 0.

Creative NVIDIA Riva TNT2 Ultra (CT6870) 32 MB AGP 1x/2x Graphics adapter

In a way, since 3dfx has bought over STB, there are far fewer choices to make if someone wants to go with a Voodoo-3 board and it’s only a 3dfx brand with 3 speed grades, V MhzV Mhz and V Mhz. The only game that I’ve seen where bit colour makes a small difference is in Quake-3’s special effects, e.


The dashed results are those I choose not to run. The PCB is of the usual Creative standard but the box says that it’s using a newer heat-dissipating design.

There is one good point in having many versions of one famous product: These glasses made games look as though they were coming out of fnt2 screen, and worked with both Direct3D and some OpenGL titles.

If they had wanted to produce in 0. During its time, S3 has already been producing 0.

Creative Worldwide Support > 3D Blaster TNT2 Ultra

After selecting one of them, you’ll be given the blawter of the resolution to output and refresh rate basically x and x Voodoo3 cards render internally in bit precision color depth. You may have asked why didn’t nVidia manufacture the TNT at 0. The CA takes a good lead over the Ultea So as of now, Creative is staying on the safe side and selling it as a 2x AGP capable only.

Since Game-1 and Game-2 scores play a big part in the final score, the KNI-enabled PMhz has a big lead against the rest of the pack. The installation involves ulrra fairly standard procedure of switching your display-adapter type to Standard VGA Adapter in Device Manager before powering down to change the video-card and let windows detect the new card and direct it to the location of its drivers, that’s it!.

Creative 3D Blaster Riva TNT2 Ultra graphics card – TNT2 Ultra – 32 MB Series

Blasteer GeForce 8 9 External AGP 4x port for the separate graphic card was lacked. High Stakes at bit and bit colour to see the difference that so many people try to claim it’s better. Prophecyand the popular Unreal had a troubled development history with regards to Direct3D and was plagued by issues such as missing details in this mode. Frame buffer memory operated at MHz and used bit bus.


This was ultrx and away the highest clocked TNT2 model released.

Word has it those markings of chips that start with T Peak fill rate of million bilinear filtered, multi-textured pixels per second Over 9 million triangles per second at peak rates Bilinear Filtering 2. Next morning I found it frozen at one screen. The advanced design of this card, including custom-designed heat-dissipating PCB and active cooling, provides a comprehensive platform for gaming with one of the most complete 3D rendering engines found on any PC-based accelerator.

While benchmarking, I decided to do some overclocking as the board had good cooling, heat dissipating PCB and fast 5. Have a look at the below selected screenshots taken by 3D-Mark99 test suite for comparisons to view in full size, click on pictures: Retrieved from ” https: Keep a look out how an overclocked video-card performs in comparison with an overclocked or higher grade CPU.

This means that in games which only put a single texture on a polygon face at once, the TNT2 can be more efficient and faster. GeForce 8 9

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