Yes, you should be able to bridge in XP. In fact that is how base-T was originally pitched to businesses — “you can use unused pairs in your existing cable plant, as long as it isn’t too old. Power line communication , Wi-Fi , data over cable , and multimedia over coax. Be careful when shopping for a bridge. If you wanna give it a shot, go for it. Can you explain why bridging the connections is bad? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Sat Aug 31, Mon Sep 02, May 14, Posts: And how is this different from the power lines? What do you guys think of HomePNA?

To fish the cables, you don’t really need special equipment, just a straitened out coat hanger hmoepna. Power line communicationWi-Fidata over cableand multimedia over coax. First, yes you should be able to use your box as a bridge. Retrieved from ” https: The home phoneline networking is really that easy and simple!

HomePNA Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia

That DSL stuff will obviously never work, because phone lines were made to carry low-fi audio, not data. Sun Sep 01, 2: Dont use home pna because it could fry your motherboard. What are the negatives of it?


Your phone line, UNlike the power lines, has a set of very good gas discharge surge suppressors on it where it enters the house. BTW, a bridge is sort of like a two port switch.

ASIX AX – USB to 10//M Gigabit Ethernet Controller with GMII Interface

I have a problem with wiring a-ljnk network cable upstairs and I want an alternative. Mon Sep 02, 1: Yes, you should be able to bridge in XP. Just a little tip. Supports 8K MAC address table per module.

What do you guys think of homePNA?

Use something that was meant to carry data, like cat5. Phone line networking uses a high frequency carrier, very similar to DSL techniques different frequency though.

I have two floors, plus a basement, and a tiny attic, and what I am doing is bringing lines a-lnik from the attic to the second floor rooms, plus one long line to a second hub in the basement, and lines from that to first floor rooms. Z-link Ars Praetorian Registered: Alternatives to HomePNA include: Modern three- or four-pair phone wire is actually unshielded twisted pair and two of those pairs will often work fine for base-T 10 Mbpsno “phone line networking” interfaces needed.


Kernel pcnet32 -modulissa suoraan. A low-pass filter may be needed between any phones and a-lini respective jacks to block noise.

Aug 23, Posts: Every standard telephone jack in the home is capable of hosting a PC – you can connect up to 25 computers, thus transforming the home’s telephone wiring into an easily expandable network. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yhteys kytkimeen on edelleen 1Mbps.

Sun Sep 01, 7: Phone lines wernt meant to carry data, they were meant to carry very low-fi audio. Computer network organizations Local loop. I’m personally of the opinion that home pna is the devil, based on just my opinion and the experiance my friend had with it.

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