The easiest way to get this data is to look what Windows is doing with the device once the included driver is installed. This bug affects 2 people. Nominated for Lucid by Noel J. I tried to follow the example. Can you try that? That is not too big an issue though. Trying to continue Without it, it seems to work perfectly.

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Tagging as “fix committed” as package is available in Debian experimental. For anyone coming across this bug report while trying to use this modem with Ubuntu, Network Manager does not support it at least for USA-based users on Verizon’s CDMA network as of the time of this bug report. The support file in comment 1 should be named “c: To post a comment you must log in.

Mon Oct wdvinne, 3: Mon Oct 11, You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.


Attached is a file containing the necessary bits, adapted from the very similar UME file. I tried to follow the example. Bus Device Users browsing this forum: Bergman noeljb wrote on Wed Oct 06, 1: See full activity log. Nominated for Maverick by Noel J.

Snooped again under Windows and this time the file only contained one type of message to endpoint 0x Looking for active driver Email me about changes to this bug report. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Upstream has confirmed that he’ll put these updates into the next release of usb-modeswitch- data.

Advinne Amc D Usb Modem Driver Download

That is not too big an issue though. Changed in usb-modeswitch-data Ubuntu: Found devices in default mode or class 1 Accessing device on bus Didier Raboud odyx wrote on Fri Oct 8 Until bug is fixed, see the workaround referenced there.

My modem has multiple devices s301 Tue Oct 05, 7: Can you try that? Trying to continue Without it, it seems to work perfectly.


Nominated for Lucid by Noel J. Seems like the usb-storage driveer has to be detached asvinne -I does that besides other things. Setting the configuration returned error Brian Murray brian-murray on Google [Bot] and 0 guests.

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