I downloaded the code and started the script. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. October 27th, 4. Lower numbers first and then up to larger numbers. The time now is

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Aiptek Hyperpen u on Maverick Hi naeddyr, Outstanding!

I think this more helpful than your original answer ” Check their website: Didn’t try uncommenting the core events line. Aiptek Hyperpen u on Maverick. If you would have read my first reply, you would have recognized that I have developed an alternate driver. As I understand, you are looking for an easy configuration utility.

Changing the “Aiptek class” bit back to “pen” doesn’t cause it to fail is it only a descriptor for humans in the logs? Is the number significant?

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how can I get my aiptek u to operateā€¦ – Apple Community

Apr 27, 3: I only tested this in GIMP, so it might just be that. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Please send me your ideas and I will see how to aiptke it. What features would you like to see configurable? I’ll [Solve] this and get to my super important tabletting stuff now. All replies Drop Down menu.


Aiptek HyperPen 12000U driver download for Mac OS 9.x

Can you please let me know how to handle? Jan 22, Nov 1, After doing this, and rebooting I do not know the black magic that is “restart udev”it works just as well as it did before-hand. October 27th, 4.

I reinstalled it, and rebooted twice. I’ll copy from Xorg. Maybe you have other things that will handy to use. October 27th, 5.

Aiphek for sharing this! See near the bottom of the Wacom wiki: I wonder if going to 20 would have been enough? Aiptek Hyperpen u on Maverick No the other way around. It comes without a configuration UI but it works at least for me.

Aiptek graphic tablets. Do they work in OSX? | MacRumors Forums

As I wrote in my first reply, I’m an ex 1200u user and don’t understand how scrips work on my mac. The things I would like to config are the function keys, the buttons from the stylus and the speed to scroll or make the workspace smaller to avoid RSI problems.


Join Date Aug Beans Hidden! They posted a bit from their Xorg. October 27th, 6. It’s still stuck using the evdev drivers. Jan 21, 9:

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