Enlarged aluminum heat sink provides better heat consumption especially when you are trying to over clocking the CPU. Today, AOpen Motherboard is honored to bring you a new overall solution, SilentTek, to have your system quiet. You can find current status of all voltages and set plus checking if fans are running properly. Cpu Over-current Protection CPU, memory, HDD, add-on cards installed on this motherboard may be damaged because of component failure, human operating error or unknown nature reason. With your help, we can then continue to provide the best quality service to more customers.

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AOpen AK77-600N

AKN is model name of motherboard, R1. DMA, data transfer rate is There are various widely-use languages provided on our website for your downloading, which also helps to prevent wrong settings caused lam misunderstanding of the languages. Unzip the download BIOS package ex: This motherboard comes with USB2.

Yes Re-install the operating system such as Windows The BIOS provides critical low-level support for standard devices such as hard disk drives, serial and parallel ports. This motherboard comes with a game port Joystick-Midi for you to connect any midi devices or joysticks.

32 inputs/32 outputs in M-powered with four(4) m-audio Delta LT on WinXP32

AOpen eForum is provided to discuss our products with other users, in which your problem probably had been discussed before or will be answered. To use this function you have to have a joystick module and connect it with a game port cable to this port on the motherboard. After you finish the setting of jumpers and connect correct cables. For better signal quality, it is recommended to set the far end side device to master mode and follow the suggested sequence to install your new device.


Serial ATA is to replace parallel with the compatibility with existing operating systems and drivers, adding performance headroom for years to come.

F10 Save changed setting and exit setup program. It also offers Plug-and-Play, which helps saving users from configuration problems, thus making the system much more user-friendly.

AOpen AK77-600N – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT600

Make sure if all jumper settings are correct. More than that, this motherboard supports USB 2. You may just ignore it.

Page 42 Traditional Green PC suspend mode does not really turn off the system power supply, it uses external box modem a7k7-600n trigger MB COM port and resume back to active. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

In conjunction with Dr. H y per Thr e a di ng Hyper-Threading technology is an innovative design from Intel that enables multi-threaded software applications to process threads in parallel within each processor resulting in increased utilization of processor execution resources.

F5 Load previous setting previous screen. On the strength of the innovative design of ALC, you’re able to use standard line-jacks for surround audio output without connecting any external module.


When the bottom line counts VIA definitely remains in the ak77-060n as most people think with their wallets, rather than sometimes obscure benchmarks. By the way, please remove and jumper caps from the Front Audio Connector before connecting the cable. IDE 2 Connector Note: Each channel supports two IDE devices that make a total of four devices. It is very possible that your Check if the system keyboard is defective.

AOpen AKN, Socket A, AMD (AA01) Motherboard | eBay

It is strongly recommended not to install a 3. A single USB port can be used to connect up to peripheral devices, such as mouse, modems and keyboards. Available for connecting USB devices.

Wear a wrist ground strap and attach it to a metal part of the system unit before handling a component. This motherboard is with switching regulator onboard that supports CPU over-current protection, and it applies to 3. AOpen reserves the right to revise this publication and to make reasonable changes. Hence, the rest of ao77-600n chapter is intended to guide you through the process of configuring your system using setup.

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