Patently obvious your operating nothing more than a fake. Includes a 5dBi Rubber Duck Antenna. The housing an d box is completely identical to original awush,it also has hologram Find More Posts by gregrocker. It will probably take a week for them to get back to me, if that.

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I am having the same issue with both drivers.

How to set tx power UP (increase tx power) in Windows 7

The adapter comes with an RP-SMA antenna connector so that you can add an external antenna to boost your wireless range and signal. Even the H itself is now netqork far poweer old, no new drivers, and not really any good for decent multimedia streaming or extended duty cycles that the 11n adapters offer.

Well it actually goes up to dbm, but jumps back to 24dbm around mw. That is a shame. Which OS are you using?

How to set tx power UP (increase tx power) in Windows 7 | Xiaopan Forums

My card is awush b chipset. Brother D I’m a little confused, why would you need to purchase this adaptor if you have a new Netwoork laptop which should have it’s own wireless adaptor built in?

I could understand if one of these adapters produced this problem, but three of them?


I installed step for step how the installation cd told me to and I even went online and downloaded the latest driver. It is very deceiving. Before tinkering with any of the power tweaks above.

I saw a review on this device and they were experiencing the same issue as you seem to be. It just disconnects itself once every few days requiring a reset which is probably a driver issue that will never be fixed.

The NHR is a horrible adapter that is only really useful in Windows, and even then is seriously bad compared to the others at even detecting networks. I tested these high power levels on my USB active repeater cable far away from the desktop machine 10m away in another room, and the power level at least in the L’s case scales back to 5dbm protecting itself against undervoltage and choking the adapter’s scan of available AP’s. It makes sense to communicate on as little power as you can get away with for interference reasons.

The device gets recognized and even shows up in my Device Manager. The XP x86 ones work forced on Win7 x I would return it for another brand. I have the same question.

I’ve tried a total of 17 different drivers Page 1 of 2. Could they simply be drawing too much current from the port? And don’t make the mistake of equalling signal strength with signal quality they’re not the same!


You’ll have to have a play around with it and see if it all behaves the same as RTLL. No point “shouting” a strong signal if they can’t shout back because while increasing the TX range, you won’t be able to hear “them” because they can’t shout back the same on bog standard 3dbi AP antennas.

Sign up using Facebook. Drivers Linksys and alfa awush with windows 7 64 bit i have a usb alfa awush when i install the driver from alfa. Let me know how your experiments with b go If you plug the device in without any drivers loaded, it doesn’t cycle on and off.

Soldier requests some help with Alfa AWUSH wireless adapter – Windows 7 Help Forums

Message 7 of Patently obvious your operating nothing more than a fake. All times are GMT My keyboard and mouse are both USB. To preface, I am computer literate.

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