The very last post is what tipped me off. Sign up using Email and Password. But i must learn abouit overlays – tried them once by the handbook , did not really understand what I was doing. I still can mark this as solved in the sense that got X going, but i am stkill working on it – the old ibook has been chewing up for 2 days and so far has completed 70 out of packages of the world update profile desktop I am quite confident that under Hardy I only had to change the color depth to 16 , although I can’t remember which driver ati, r, fglrx I used. In reality, early versions of the new driver only delivered increased performance in benchmarks such as Ziff-Davis ‘ 3D Winbench 98 and Final Reality. Install crossdev on your x

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I forgot to mention, I’m running Hardy 8.

Org X Window System server configuration file This file was generated by dexconf, the Debian X Configuration tool, using values from the debconf database. Read in several places that it should not be run from root, but later came upon this page https: I had another test on a different old Dell notebook where I had the same screen issues no higher res by autodetect with Xubuntu. Sun Apr 01, 7: Recommendations and suggestions will be much appreciated.


Note that some configuration settings that could be done previously in this file, now are automatically configured by the server and settings here are ignored.

I wonder if the probing failures i. Radeon RX X Laptop. Some things just work.

ATI Rage Mobility M3 – ThinkWiki

GeForce Go GS. When things go well I can start mobilitu process in one machine and then think abouit the next process on the other machine. May also be faster on low end hardware as they depend on musl instead of glibc. Retrieved from ” https: I started with no xorg. I think the firmware is only used for 3D hardware acceleration and you will get a picture without it. I’ve just put atti. Radeon R5 Stoney Ridge. I’m still fairly mobillty to all of this and have no intentions of reverting to windows especially now.

So now i have posted on the AMD forum and while I wait i came here and when I should look into your earlier posts to start reconfiguring my ibook kernel I saw your latest tips. The notebook is a Dell Latitude C Thanks schwarzygesetzlos and NeddySeagoon for your latest tips.


ATI Mobility 128 M3

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Tue Apr 24, 8: It was ATI’s first dual texturing renderer, in that it could output two pixels per clock two pixel pipelines.

It 12 the successor to the Mach series of 2D accelerators.

Mike e-launchpad-romram-se wrote on HD Graphics Braswell. Half the time this will solve the problem.

ATI Rage Mobility 128

But I managed to improve my Xorg. ANd if that it is true fixing it seems to me more complicated than reinstalling the base system. Wed May 02, 5: Driver for Modesetting Kernel Drivers: Is it possible ragf mark this bug as solved, that would help coming readers I think.

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