For Most situations, however, while raw is “better,” one can get by with prores and really not notice the difference. The DaVinci Resolve It reminds you of FCP X without the magnetic timeline. From the Blackmagic website: Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. He says it may be possible to implement it in another camera, but doesn’t commit to it.

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Just what I see out there these days. If they can’t get it to the client to edit, why use it? Arri has its own RAW so that’s not integral to Arri. We didn’t expect them to load and we can confirm that!

Neither really are dependent on NLE sales for the bulk of their revenue. This lets them prioritize image quality or file size. Of course we can debate FCPX implementation. You won’t see many camera makers adopting it. In addition, working with single files instead of folders full of still image sequences greatly simplifies media management. I doubt that either codec will get wide acceptance until more camera manufacturers are on board.

I cannot see high end camera makers implimenting it. I tried, trust me I tried. I am glad they have an option.


So, Pocket Cinema Camera with FCP 7, no problem?

It doesn’t come up as an option with Adobe, although Premiere, et al can read the codec. Face refinement filter tracks faces in Resolve Studio. Been itching to get back to cinematography for a while, but haven’t made the leap.

Edited by Zac Fettig, 06 December – And to limit that to FCP-X This could be a game changer for bm cameras and if fcpx wont adopt the braw im sure that most bm camera users will defect and if video recorders adopt braw then more people will will jump nle’s that wont take the codec.

Final Cut Pro X: View playback on an external monitor or display

Leaving room for BRAW implementation? In addition, GPU and CPU acceleration make decoding of frames incredibly fast, so you get extremely smooth performance for editing and grading. I’m also cautiously optimistic that I’ll be able to substantially reduce my reliance on ProRes.

It will be an important change for post because the editorial team can work with the camera original files, which are blackmaggic enough to use for everyday blsckmagic. Blackmagic RAW also makes it easy for any software developer to access all this technology. Both may look at codec licensing as part of their business model. No able to find Sony FS5 or 7 in such quantity in my state. However from a stability, performance, and workflow standpoint FCP X just stays out of my way and let’s me work mostly.


Yossy is the founder of filmmaking academic program – “The Art of Independent Filmmaking”, which is focused on the complex integration of cinematography, editing, color grading, sound design and music composition.

I downloaded the sample clips and have been playing with it a bit. Sign In Need an account? This comment form is under antispam protection.

Blackmagic RAW has been in development for years and is a next generation hybrid codec blackagic features multiple new technologies such as an advanced de-mosaic algorithm, extensive metadata support, highly optimized GPU and CPU accelerated processing and more.

Keep in mind BMD and Apple are businesses.

October 3, Customers can choose either constant quality or constant bitrate encoding options, depending on the kind of work they are doing. Skip to content https:

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