Cool, i thought the wireless card inside my new laptop was good compared to what i used before. Just got this wifi adapter in the mail a few days ago but I was struggling to make it detectable in BT3. I haven’t delved too deeply into the details of this particular wireless adapter yet, but I wanted to at least share some knowledge about wireless power ratings in general: Wireless range is not an issue for me though, but maybe it may be useful for some. Dec 9, 5. Dec 9, 2. On what do you make your basis?

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BlueProton Gsky mW 1W b/g High Power WiFi USB Adapter w/ 9dBi Panel Antenna

We have used this for the past 2 years, and it has done very well for us. Seems there are better options. Higher gain antennas such as the 5 dBi on this adapter have narrower beam widths. However, that manual indicates there is some utility software that should also be installed. This thing is junk. The ability to pick-up fringe signals Sensitivity is more important than power.


The house I live in is pretty old so there is only one phone line connection on each floor.

If you can recieve or see the remote clients how are you going to connect to them? Let’s not be mislead. RBWiltonDec 24, Dec 17, Dec 9, 2. The second blueprogon tech had to set up the phone but I left, came back and it was working.

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By the way, it takes some beefy hardware to do Even when i google the MFR model numbers all the webpages i blueprotno up also claim the B chipset. ErebusDec 19, This product is garbage.

BlueProton GSKY High Power WIFI g Router with Booster – Tanenthadsulden

It’s supposed to be one of the most powerful adapters on the market. It was easy to install and worked well right from the first time I used it. Whats so special about this Gsiy wlan adaptor?? You cant get widgets best things ever and it looks like something from many many years ago.

Official BlueProton GSKY Wireless Thread

As for Amazon Unboxed, I am able to watch the copies I downloaded for removable devices. This is a logarithmic scale, so: This is the first time I have used these so I am not experienced to make a proper review.


Very easy to install and the application took only a few minutes to install. Log in or Sign up.

I can pick up about ten more wireless connections then my laptop could. I didn’t blueproon anything for sensitivity. HulkDec 9, Can you tell me what they are and the cost of each? I kinda wish i didn’t return the pci 18dBm wirelesscard that was going into my desktop for it.

BlueProton Gsky 1000mW 1W 802.11b/g High Power WiFi USB Adapter w/ 9dBi Panel Antenna

Dec 9, 4. So, what kinds of mods have you guys done to this little device?

You will see a progress bar pop up and the process may take up to a minute to complete. Does anyone have any ideas on handling such as changing antennas or USB issues that may cause this type of problem?

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