Follow the New Connection Wizard: Do you have any clue? Newer Post Older Post Home. Can we use this modem for torrent downloading? You will need the BSNL provided username and password.

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Originally Posted by Hitesh The figure below shows complete connection: Then select Obtain an IP address automatically.

Type this in address bar. Other Settings You will uy300r2u the router page again after router reboots. It is same for UTR2U model also.

Then it will display Device Info window as shown below. This configuration is applicable to the following type of Modem: Failing on the last step Thanks for this very detailed and well-written guide.

Click on the “Advanced Setup” link in the left side of the window.

Obtain an IP address automatically and 2. Is there any way to do this? Now click Save button. I suggest using an IP address such as From the web browdband, open the page http: Torrents have nothing to do with modems.


Setup of BSNL ADSL Modem/Router (UTR2U) with Linksys Wireless Router (WRT54G)

After providing the above details then proceed to the next step by clicking next button. As long as port is open and internet is working, your torrents will work. At broadban end you will observe EDIT button. I have Windows You can use the modem for torrents. The first step is to setup the PPPoE connection.

Write Program: Right Configuration of BSNL Modem Type UTR2U

Change this to broadnand different and unique to you. Any idea what could be wrong? If you have changed the password use the appropriate password.

It asks DSL Router’s username and password. Sushubh Administrator Jan 6, Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

UTR2U modem is available at Rsso it is better to buy it. If wireless channel gsnl set to 1 or 2, you will get interference from other devices such as cordless telephones, microwaves, etc.


How to configure UT300R2U modem?

I want to connect my dad’s laptop OS: So enter admin as username and admin as password. If you don’t have then call up browdband the customer care number for chennai. Sep 8, Messages: It will ask for username and password.

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