The Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Driver is a cc multi-material breakthrough driver designed to deliver the ultimatum in high performance. Long and straight,what more can you ask for. After using the original fusion driver for a few years i decided it was time to upgrade. Slightly stange sound but hey if it goes yds it can sound any way it likes! Mid, boring trajectory and goes much further than any Cobra driver I have previously owned of which there are many

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The performance is outstanding, and it is a flat-out fun driver to hit. Harder to hit than my cc Spalding Cannon I bought in You have no idea how much of a relief it is! Distance-wise, I have gained yards of carry.

My drives normally have a bid of fade, but this driver, being draw weighted, enables me to do straight drivers, something that is a novelty for me. Sure, I must have had a good day too, but this driver is fabulous!

What I do know is that my drives are longer and straighter, and are bounding another yards along the faireway, rather callaway exiting right, assaulting trees, and threatening golfers on the next fairway.

I have a 9. A couple of testers with mph-plus swings found this gram shaft to work well with their swings, as did a tester with a mids swing speed.

The hitting area has a brushed finish and three rows of scorelines framing the smooth sweet spot, and the sides and bottom caklaway the cup face sport a high-polish mirror finish. Now, of couse, maybe the club was simply a placebo, providing me with the incentive to sort out my techincal problems.


Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Tour Drivers

The FT-3 draw corrects this spot on and my drives are now straight without any efforts. A long, accurate and forgiving driver. Although it’s now about years old – what a club it really does fly. Mid, boring trajectory and goes much further than any Cobra driver I have previously owned of which there are many The club isnt the only thing that i love though, callaway customer service is by far the BEST in the business.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Great ff-3 – I used it a few times before i bought one and it matches my eye perfectly and gives me more confidence on the tee. I played an early morning round after a heavy rain and made good contact on a downwind hole.

I have used the FT 3 for 12 months now and it is awesome. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Looking forward to hitting it. It has performed excellently so far only let down by my swing.

But does it work for us hackers who have that shot which turns from power fade to perplexingly ugly power slice?

The deep-face design helps to launch shots on a higher trajectory with less spin. The shaft choice has been a good one.


Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Drivers

My second round with the FT-3 in my bag was my low round of the summer, and I improved it by three strokes the following round. Fusion Technology is all about the combination of two distinctly different materials in the club head. Grateful to others who posted reviews whilst making my choice – so thought would return favour.

Friends suggested, with vraious degrees of derision, that the fault lay with me, not the club. I find the club excellent and the loft combined with the stiff shaft have helped me in getting a more penetrating shot, straighter and therefore more distance but especially more rraw. As with the previous Fusion driver, the titanium cup face is connected to the composite body with heavy-duty epoxy.

Or maybe a draw driver does actually work. Went to fitter, and he insisted I try 6 drivers on the monitor. Helpline Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Instead of my usual fade Artistic licence there, most would describe it as a slice! Off-center hits start offline, but then correct themselves enough to stay in play on most holes.

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