A note to newbies: Added to my fstab: Auto-typing document file d That’s a problem, isn’t it?: So, perhaps it was some kind of stale driver cache or something?

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I found this thread where several with Z or Oinux based printers have had sucess. This method is better because you can easily uninstall every related file should you want to. However, I did have trouble getting the initial tarball off lexmark’s web site to get the process started. Can anyone suggest more ideas? Go to System – Administration – Printing and choose the printer driver Z v1.

For example the next 2 lines of code should read: I’m having the same issue that others here have had before, although I can’t seem to find any resolution. No such file or directory tar: I figured I had to install alien, and I figured copaq how to move to the lexmark folder with the cd command.

I’m having the same problem after going from 32bit edgy to 64bit feisty. I created a 32 bit chroot and the printer driver works fine. I’ve got a Z55 and unfortunately had no luck. Will do, but could you provide a link to where I ask?



I get no output. If you need to reset your password, click here.

I’ve got a Lexmark Z, and I’m having the same problem. Even if your printer isn’t a z this driver works with a LOT of Lexmark’s, so try this driver first.

I’m a very happy man tonight. Yeah, I get lots of really funky, wierdo output when I run the tail command, it just keeps going, I don’t know what to do. I can’t install the same printer on Ubuntu 5. Spudgun, I added some detail to your post on the devel mailing list, since there are already some Lexmark printers that work out-of-the-box, I clarified your question.

Ok, I went through the instructions in the first post to llnux to linuc a lexmark x, 3 in 1 printer. So thank you for the awesome Tutorial! No output from backend. I bought a Dell All-in-one photo printer 2 weeks back.

Any help or pointers much appreciated. Lexmark Z22 when its actually a Compaq IJ or could it be something with my cups configuration.



Unfortunately for me, I still cannot print as it appears the driver cannot deal with the raster format generated by newer gs-esp versions gs-esp is the CUPS-specific gs. Instructions on how to get the CVS version is there as well. I’m gonna try n fix that. And how should Linuxx fill the appropriate fields?

HOWTO: Lexmark Printers [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Is there any hope for getting around this problem? I think I messed up at the part where you have to add it in the gnome control panel for printers I guess it’s more appropriate to say compas usb 0xd 0xc is what the vendor code for the scanner is. Interestingly I got a similar warning in Windoze TM but pages would still print correctly.

I had to use another USB port to get my z work but its awesome. No such file or directory chickenfoot spanky:

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