This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. I’ve had problems like that on several occasions. You might see better performance if you loadhigh lbacache. While this card will work ok occasionally, save yourself the hassle and go get a cheap soundblaster of any sort. Please rate this free answer. When it comes to music, listening is better than talking about it, so I present the semi-random selection of FM audio samples from various games, recorded from the A21m via direct line-in-to-line-out:

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Bill Logged Guest Re: There are dozens of sound cards that are based on some standard sound chips Some of the drivers are not available under the other operating systems. You should give it a whirl. What do you have. Sweedy Logged Guest Re: Kevin Close Logged Guest Re: Seems to just check if the chip is there.

About every 4 boots, the Hercules dissapears and the New Hardware wizard finds the Crystal chip!!


Crystal Soundfusion Sound Card Problem?

Needs a hard reset. Anyway I’ll accept other suggestions Yes, I had an XP computer, but have you ever had one of those vengful ex’s? Reply 2 — If you have then I think you can fill in the rest of why I no longer have the XP system with your own imagination.

Also, are there windows ddos or vista drivers for it? Not only that, the vendor of the chip only released windoze ’98 and above drivers. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

I am very good at Step 1: This site hosts no abandonware. Crystal Sound Fusion tm Audio Device is a sound and multi media device.

Crystal Semiconductor Crystal SoundFusion(tm) Free Driver Download

As I suspected so considerations are: Also, if I do get a hold of SE how messy is it to install and manage to keep certin files that I need. There were a few games, such as Lemmings, where it sounded very bad, distorted and with wrong tempo even worse, the tempo seems to be inconsistent, speeding up and slowing down.


Using an emulator such soundfuison DOSbox is way too slow. Usually, Windows operating systems apply a generic audio driver that allows computers to recognize the sound card component and make use. In that case, the most likely problem is that it isn’t seated properly.

Reply 3 — The audio speed is too high, and probably misses chunks too. You can also try. Reply 17 — Prior to that, my system worked totally fine.

V X D drivers are almost always the way to go for 9x. Some address to suggest me? I’m not sure this is the proper page, but have a look at: You might see better performance if you loadhigh lbacache. I don’t know that sound chipset.

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