When you are finished viewing checksums, press Esc. This is particularly important in hot humid weather. After reading, always keep the manual nearby so that you may refer to. If you find a checksum that is too large, examine the readings at that depth to determine whether the bad reading was recorded in the 0 or the orientation. Moves cursor to the right. You will see a display that looks something like this:

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In this case, the 89 in the B axis is largest Depths A B 2. Optional Enter up to 3 characters to identify the operator. Plug the Lemo connector into the DataMate s Charger socket.

Press Enter to activate the reading. Datamafe make an entry: This document contains information that is proprietary to Durham Geo Slope Indicator and is subject to return upon request. Power off the unit.


cep-singapore | Digitilt Datamate II

It is good practice to take several surveys initially and select one to be the official initial. Innovative Flow and Pressure Solutions. Check humidity under utilities menu. Capacity g x 0.

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If the standard deviation is not typical, check the standard deviation for the different zones. It is likely that one of the power wires is bad. No special software is required. Electronic components are rated for extended temperatures. Press Esc to return to the Surveys menu.

No part of this document may. General notices for use Press Up or Down to adjust contrast for easy viewing. It prevents damage to the control cable. Go to the Surveys menu. Scroll through readings to the suspect depth.

Andrea di Rovereto 33 c. Provides both pressure and temperature readings. Press Enter to edit the date.

Digitilt DataMate II – PDF

Start depth Depth A0 B0 8. This is particularly important in hot humid weather. Deleting an Installation The DataMate itself provides no way to delete installations.


Turn off the DataMate when the warning appears and then recharge as soon as possible. Note that connectors are water proof only when capped or when connector is plugged digitilg.

Digitilt DataMate II

In general, you should look for consistency in checksums. Copyright Slope Indicator Company.

Use the Up and Down keys to view checksums at other depths. Choose Surveys from the main menu, then choose Compare. It is best to charge overnight.

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