However, two things limit it. Lots of networking stuff, from cards to wireless routers and stuff. Let’s start with the There are also a number of bug fixes. You can easily pan around and go back and forth through the pages. So really, it seemed like a win all around. Suddenly, you can use it as an extra drive on which to store data, or run applications in the background.

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Lots of networking stuff, from cards to wireless routers and stuff. It was a “ED88” eDrum: E-dtum unfortunately stripped out a lot of features, like profile management, from 6. Let’s start with the The latest firmware as of writing is v1.

My primary complaint about the iPad really is the closed ecosystem, dru as a consequence my worries about the device are much more ideological than functional. However, you still have to install the latest version 6. Second, it allows you to share an Internet connection over wireless, which effectively means that I can connect the Ethernet to it and then share the connection to my MacBook Air.

I use it not only for web browsing and email, but it is an excellent reader. Start the power normally. Lately, this problem has been compounded because I have a Macbook Air, but no Ethernet adapter.

Updating the Carbon using dfu-util

You can expect professional results form your eDrum module. Unfortunately it is a bit difficult to read in bright sunlight.


It was not my intention to design an instrument that already exist and is relatively cheap, like Alesis DM4 or DM5. This has been achieved by using PIC microcontroller and carefully designed firmware, written in assembly language. The Carbon uses DFU for its firmware updates.

Support & Contact – NUX

If you do that, then if you want to use your keyboard to control the volume or the screen brightness, you need to find the Function or Fn key. As a researcher, I found that e-ink was not good for reading PDF files, especially the two-column files that most computer science conference proceedings appear as. Of course, due to a modular nature of eDrum’s design, we can also have a smaller 15 channel version.

The goal for this design was to use easy to find and cheap electronic components, while maintaining results at the professional levels. I think I only ever use the Volume Control function on the keyboard anyway. Because of that, eDrum will not offer any drumkits or sounds. More memory for snapshots More controlable parameters More possibilities Of course, due to a modular nature of eDrum’s design, we can also have a smaller 15 channel version.

Writing is also one of those things that the iPad does okay at, but not necessarily well.


I tried using an iPod Touch for reading them, but that was a chore as well, the text was much too small and the device was too difficult to scroll with to make it an effective reader.


Spirit is available for both Mac and Windows.

It has in fact changed the way I do some things in my daily life because of its portability and speed. The device is so beautiful that if the API was expanded a bit more, there would be so much you could do with it. There are also a number of bug fixes.

This changes e-rrum the iPad. The touch interface really does give you a sense of intimacy, and the double-tap on the text to zoom in on a column, or pinch-zooming on items of interest gives you a large amount of flexibility in making things readable.

I hear that the iPad is a great gaming device as well but I personally have not purchased any iPad specific games. I use it almost every day in much the same way that most people might use a computer for consuming information.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I treat it primarily as a toy, but it also has a lot of work-oriented applications.

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