Sorry to have been less than helpful on this. Xvideo is enabled on the server, and if you can watch videos from other sources we must conclude that the video card on the server machine is good and that there are no hardware problems. I tried 2 different devices. If it doesnt then its likely you may not have all the required dependecies installed for the package to compile properly. I googled for 2. I have not figured out how to boost the record audio level.

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Tv viewing and recording solutions for Linux: Mtvcgui

Can you open a console as a regular user, and type gstreamer-properties, if thats installed, it should open a window with sound and video sources, and confirm that v4l2 or v4l1 is a valid source in the video tab under inputs for video. TV file format detected. I would not say it is intermittent. Is there a more compatible version?

You didnt, thanks for the info i’ll check out motion later tonight, for now I’m late So I guess your earlier kernel is causing problems. Anyone got any ideas?

USB Flash Drives

But still carries the ID 05e1: I was hoping someone could give some help even if they didnt have ysb answer, maybe things I should try or places I should easyca anything really: Now, I’ve just got to figure out how to know when I’m at the end of the movie that’s being recorded, but I know that will just be a matter of knowing the elapsed time.


Ie you plug in a usb device, based upon the device table it maps to? In any case, I want an inexpensive capture device that takes composite video. It orp-128 be interesting to see what’s in that file.

Thanks What happens when you use linux-headers I think the biggest problem with VLC is that the default resolution appears to be x with uncompressed avi with no obvious way to change them.

You can open this file in your editor of choice and look for lines suggesting that the driver is in distress. A response would be greatly appreciated. I’m inclined to suspect a hardware problem.

uzb I’m now sure its a hardware problem. The timescale for the release uwb version 0. I am not good at trying new things but I found this site: The audio part of the driver seems inactive, but that should not matter when you use the mplayer command given in my post above.

Killed the process – output file length still 0. The compiling seems to have gone well, but after installing I’m not sure what to do to display video.


I’ve never written a driver, I should try it some time to see what it involves. I tried 2 different devices. I could never get them to work properly. Some people do clam to have the easycap d60 working under 9.

Presumably the VIA is only in the 4 channel model? To test the audio capability, try the command mplayer tv: Mike Hi Mike, thank you for your prompt reply.

Hi Dave, I’m relieved that it’s working now – I wasn’t at all confident about what to suggest next: I’m running Debian 6. It’s either out of synch or missing altogether. This time I used mtvcgui http:

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