Anonymous June 27, at 6: Log in as different authorities, the operation will be different. Windows 7 , which browser and version e. That works indeed, but when it comes back the default port is 80 as oposed to 81 initially. I’ve looked everywhere online and can’t find the exact dimensions to order a suitable extension for my AC adapter. One comment I need to make is to use IE when setting it up. Phil Coultard May 12, at 7:

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Anonymous November 22, at 7: Alternatively you could get involved in trying to stop the sending domain being marked as spam e.

What is the difference and what is recommended to put? Maybe someone can help me with. Simon March 20, at 4: Anonymous May 2, at 9: I had figured all of the things you said, except how to turn off the blinking light, so that is great as it is annoying.

And…how do I take off my e mail after camer has been posted? I would double check your camera and router settings, reboot both and then try to get a concrete example of when it won’t connect and when it will if that is possible. I haven’t done anything to the FTP because, I have no idea what to do there.


Ataul Gani December 22, at Please describe how to use built in speakers of camera. These are Record and Snap under the path. Anonymous January 21, at Up, down, left, and right: After following directions to setup wifi camera restarts but router doesn’t see it.

Hi I have an Easy N ipcam that works great but last week I installed a dream box satellite and the cam stopped working. What Ip address, what subnet, wireless or wired For those having trouble setting up the eassyn monitoring with Gmail, here is what to do.

I too have the same problem.

Also forgot to say, On wizard mode to set it up on step 3: Anonymous October 23, at 6: I’m a software developer, not a networks specialist and they are eeries whole discipline in themselves. My isp is RCN and it is pop. I managed to set up the F no problem with network cable and phone.

The e-mail server and other information can be obtained from the mail service provider. If camea could you please share it?


EasyN F Series : User manual Owner’s manual

I naively thought they meant the same thing! Anonymous November 10, at 6: Or would I better trying to contact the supplier.

Thanks for a very helpful blog. I’ve tried various things but just want to check which of your steps are ‘essential’, such as: I don’t get alerts to my phone at seriws and cant get it to go to email. Any idea on how to display their monitor. I’d like to take a look at the manual before I purchase, and I’ve gone to the site http: And how do I zoom in and out?

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