John Galt John Galt. Jan 23, It’s about 20 percent more efficient than most projector lamps right out of the box. I am not good with all of the proper terms but here goes One option is we have access to a Windows 7 PC that’s connected to the projector but can’t access it beforehand to test it. On a PC i know that in order to change the image display we need to hit Funtion F

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Then, open System Preferences, and click “Displays”. Posted on Jan 23, The answer requires knowing what ex5 are available on the projector, and which OS X version you’re using.

Mirroring means that both your MacBook Pro display and the projector will show the same image. Works easily, is light to carry and great all round product. I have no idea what formats Windows can read. Once that update is complete, plug the projector into the MacBook Pro.

Ask a question Reset. Password protection, your personalized startup logo and button lock help prevent unauthorized use while a cable attachment cable not included and a slot for an optional Kensington lock maintain physical security.

It’s got the projection flexibility you’d expect in a more expensive projector. There are a number of things we can try to resolve the problem here. HDMI ports are not standard equipment on all projectors yet and they’re all but unheard of on a projector this affordable.


The lamp is very bright and has excellent color. And fan noise drops from 37 dB to 29 dB. This means fan noise is reduced and lamp life is increased. But when you can dim the lights a bit more or project a slightly smaller image or both you can save money using the projector’s ECO mode.

How to show a slideshow on a projector – Apple Community

Grayscale is the shades of gray from black to white required for greater image depth and detail; it allows greater variation in shadows and brings superior accuracy macc color, creating a jaw-dropping, true-to-life visual experience.

In standby mode the projector draws a mere 0. USB Plug ‘n Play instant connectivity makes setup a breeze. Write a review frsuvayxrteeuwusyvzuufuewyfuxycxwuyx.

Ask a question Reset. If you have any questions, feel free to epsin See any errors on this page? Two USB ports add valuable convenience features. One option is we have access to a Windows 7 PC that’s connected to the projector but can’t access it beforehand to test it.


Download Projector Epson EX51 Mac OS X drivers and software.

The adapter I linked is ridiculously inexpensive and works well. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Security Features Protect Your Investment You can password protect the projector and create and save your own starting logo to identify the projector as yours.

We have AppleTV and already own the following adapters and cables: The projector does have an HDMI input so I’ll look into the delivery time for your suggested adapter. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from strongly recommend Easy to use out of the box. You don’t need to have the projector plugged in as well during the update, just the adaptor itself. That will put a menu in your menu bar with a picture of a display on it.

User profile for user: That means you can drag windows or icons from one desktop to the other, and have separate things on each display.

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