When [Print] is Selected Select what to do with the document after printing. Page Scanning Procedure Remove any paper clips and Indicator staples before loading the document. You can enter the following characters: For each setting, refer to “Resolution Specifying the Scanning Resolution ” Paper Jams Remove the jammed paper. The number of copies entered appears on the upper right of the touch screen.

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Action Cancel the interrupting operation. When placing a call on-hook, we recommend turning the line monitor volume to “Loud”. It may cause paper jam. If the image quality is not improved even after prescribed the relevant remedy, contact our Customer Support Center.

Entering Text Entering Text During operations, a screen for entering text sometimes appears. When paper guides are set to [12″ mm ] or [ Also, you can select a job to see the details. For SRA3 mm widththe printable area is an area on paper excluding the Page About Internet Fax Forwarding documents stored in mailboxes When the forwarding feature and a forwarding mail address are set on a apeosport–ii beforehand, the documents stored in the mailbox can be automatically forwarded.


Table of Contents Adding the Sender’s Address The staple cartridge rises up and becomes removable. Enter the password as required with the numeric keypad, and select [Save]. The following describes how to clear paper jams in the Trays 1 to 4. When using F Code transmission, use an F Code and password. Paper Jams Paper Jams If paper is jammed inside the machine, the machine stops and an alarm sounds.

Page Number Position Side 2 When an annotation page is specified for 2 sided copying, set apeeosport-ii to place the page printed on the reverse side.

Select [Keyboard] to display the keyboard on the touch screen. Close the front cover of the finisher. For information on how to change the volume of the line monitor, refer to “Line Monitor Volume” P. Reports These settings relate to printing reports.

When the paper is curled or problems occur due to the high temperature of the fuser unit, select [Lightweight]. To set the file dx Select [Document Name]. The serial number is printed. Power Saver mode Select [System Settings]. Page 10 System Settings of the machine, the next document is delivered at the rear side of the machine.

FUJI Xerox APEOSPORT – II C4300 Printer Photocopier Scanner Fax

Select [Print Waiting Jobs]. Push the tray in gently until it comes to a stop. Hold the front handle on the left cover of the document feeder, to open the left cover until it comes to For more information, contact our Customer Support Center. After opening a package of paper, wrap up the remaining paper to store it.


European 81 type faces, symbol 35 sets PostScript optional: For example, when the e-mail address for the machine is ifax mb1. Remove all the jammed paper from the upper left side and inside of the unit.

The e-mail, however, may not reach its destination for some problem over the Internet. Page 10 Pz Settings Skip Blank Pages Set whether to use the feature that detects blank sheets while scanning 2-sided documents and transmits only documents whose surface is not blank.

You can also enter a ratio directly.

To learn about print features, click [Help] on the print driver screen to see the print driver’s online help.

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