Yes, that makes for a quarter in Merritt Dokey and the Fillions sp dominated. And there was even a small harness track in cherry hill.. The parking was free and the admission was only a dollar. Maybe for the smaller venue it looks well atteneded I have a question for someone who is familiar with he harness scene.

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I was hooked on the whole atmosphere of the track. You must have loved it as much as I did.

Horse Racing – Does Anyone Else Have a History in Harness Racing? |

Yes, my password is: From all of the posts in this thread, I see only thoroughbred posts. But I will admit that last year when I was down in Pompano I was having a rough go of it, and decided to try that App that trackmaster has.

Feb 4, Likes: I don’t follow the races harnezs much anymore, since they bulldozed the track here. Not breaking a sweat. They used letters instead of numbers so I was going to bet on the A horse. harneds


A Drive To Win on the Grand Circuit

Alot of the horses are taken through what looks to be strenuous “warm up” some using a whip, the horses breaking a sweat. He is only one of six pacers to be Horse of the Year more than once. Marcus Melander heads Dan Patch honorees.

No real galloping or whips. Seemed to be going thru a resurgence in popularity last I had heard. LarrySJun 20, My hangout was Raceway Park, so there was quite a bit of difference between the 2 tracks. I believe the Meadowlands has gotten completely rebuilt since you have been there last though. I havent been to the meadolands since they leveled it and rebuilt it. Jun 6, Phaleh Only occasionally does he visit the nearby track.


I’m a thoroughbred guy and a member of paceadvantage. He was in alot of races on freehold and meadowlands daily. So you went every week for almost 20 years?

Billy Direct was clocked in 1: You were lucky to have experienced the good horses and races for feorge a long time. I have been looking for a paperback book I had years ago about harness racing and handicapping.


Back to Home page. Half the grandstand was closed down, Maybe for the smaller venue it looks well atteneded Full cards of 10 horses every race.

I’m trying to find some way to just upload a days race schedule more efficiently.

Longtime harness handicapper here, never involved hands on with them like you were though. After the race, driver Eddie Cobb said that The Butler could easily have gone faster.

I can’t remember the author, but they had system where you looked at the racing form results on each horse. Big crowds for the Hambeltonian in august It must have been 15 years ago though, I can’t remember for sure.

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