Blank keys in Figure are not operational in this system. The Label Properties screen, Frame tab. Setup, which you choose to set your system preferences. Connecting Peripherals Installing supplies Installing a compact flash memory card Cleaning your system If you plan to connect your printer to a desktop computer, be sure to see Connecting to a PC on page The Preparing to Print screen disappears after the job is completely rasterized.

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Check the Cut bounding box option on the General tab, and choose OK. Choose Text from the Insert Object screen. Changes you make using the Font tab options apply to the entire text object, and may override formatting changes you previously made to the text characters.

Brady GlobalMark 2 Color & Cut Industrial Label Maker

You can cut out stars, circles, arrows, and other shapes. The button at the bottom of the screen access system features: Objects can include text, variable text, graphics, bar codes, and HotShapes. Accessing the Printing tab options You can set the Supply saver option and the Overprint option from the Main Menu or, for convenience, from within most applications.

A sweet deal on a Qi charger for the car. Symbol Type, where you choose symbols for Pipe Marker labels Responding to Right-to-Know prompts A typical Right-to-Know application template prompt sequence includes some or all of these prompt screens Select a character from the Special Character buttons you previously customized. Globalmak guide – rear inside view detail.


GlobalMark 2 User Guide – English – Brady Europe

The printer uses all four color panels to produce a globxlmark of blended colors on your labels. Saving Labels as Files Every time you create a Custom label or a pre-designed template label, you have the option to save it as globapmark file and to put it in a file group, so you can access it later. See To buttons change the type size on page Tabbed Entry Screens By touch: The Line width and the Line Color options are not available if Cut out frame is enabled.

Use caution when deleting files. Application Preferences tabs are identical to those that appear on the System Setup screen. Snap to grid Check this option to make new objects or objects that you are re-positioning automatically move to vertical and horizontal alignment on the grid.

Deleting files When you delete a label file, the system deletes the file either from the internal storage area or from the memory card, if you have one installed. Working in the Editor window Working in Entry Screens The Open File screen. Moves the selected object to the back of any layered objects, so that the other objects obscure or cover up the selected object.

GlobalMarkĀ® 2 Color & Cut

Placing Your System Online Before you place your printing system online, you must reset some system settings. Page Use the options on the Label Properties Frame tab to frame a label: In a standard system, this would be located at Vlobalmark International Power Cords Users in countries outside of North America may be required to supply their own power cord for connecting the system to an AC electrical outlet. The Insert Object screen displays: The System Setup Localization tab.


Numeric keypad Use the numeric keypad as an alternate way to enter numbers and to perform several other commands as well.

The Other tab options are: The Frame tab options are: Changing Objects The object is pasted in the center of display screen. Make sure tlobalmark tape extends through the slot in the cartridge.

Multi-user licencing available on the software so you can have multiple sites designing labels and signs with printing done centrally on a single printer Little training required – so easy to use!

Pipe Marker, with pre-designed layouts for creating standard, roll-form, or symbol and arrow labels for marking pipes. Numeric Keypad Numeric keypad Use the numeric keypad as an alternate way to enter numbers and to perform several other commands as well.

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