Thank you for the excellent mod! Pick a pair that provides a perfectly clear fine-print image. On the front of the BlackBird 2 are 4 connectors for connecting various modules. I don’t have any experience with the variants, but I would expect that using them with HeadPlay is possible. The only evidence of it would be five small holes from the mounting screws. Old battery of my Headplay FPV googles was bad.

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The video, which formed The BlackBird 2 has a clear and vivid picture, as it incorporates high-quality video sensor of the company Aptina that allows you to get maximum pleasure from using The BlackBird 2! It’s a good idea to dry fit the perfboard in the 3D printed enclosure before adding components.

This is just a rotated version of an existing design so that you don’t need to print with supports. Posted February 9, And using the module LED backlight, you can use the camera even in the dark! Here’s some photos of the finished project.

This makes the camera unique and easy to use. Installing the camera module to the VTX now no need to heasplay about where to position the video transmitter and how to fix.

Before you place your order it would be wise to ask the supplier which version they are shipping. A 3D printed filler panel replaces the vRx board and is used to cover-up the vacant vRx’s holes.


The OLED should be soldered on It’s a bit boxy looking, but the simple 3D printed shapes ensure successful printing on nearly any printer. If not then headplya back to the store and select the correct readers for your eyes. I can handle the electronics but will have difficulty with the case.

A 3D printed enclosure contains the 5. Size, weight and power of the camera: In case other HeadPlay owners wanted to duplicate my DiY project I purposely selected components that are readily available.

HeadPlay HD Goggle Upgrade: Add GHz Diversity & DVR – Video Piloting (FPV/RPV) – RC-CAM Forum

My favorite goggles DiY 3D printed have a Diversity Demon Oracle on the ground station to handle the diversity switching. The flight stereo camera The BlackBird 2 has 3 analog video outputs, with which you can simultaneously receive video: So stay with me, there’s a solution.

It seems the developers like a lot of RSSI signal averaging and they 3c some debouncing switching delay to it too. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

The whole point of adding the diversity feature is to improve our video experience, not add another point of weakness to it. However, there are hobbyists and businesses that will print any 3D part for a fee.


These four signals are shown on the schematic at reference LCD1. Avoid the RED areas because any glue in those regions can be visually headplaj. Related 3d models searches:.

Using 3D FPV camera The BlackBird you will receive 2 new sensations and emotions, you will look at the world with two eyes, you will see the world in volume — to see in 3D! That is how everyone on the planet except me is using it. Apply the glue sparingly to the side edges, with as little as possible on the surface. Do I need the video buffer board in this case? This mount is used on the Headplay Goggles to mount a patch style antenna.

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3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2

You’ll want wire frames with large untinted glass lenses. The 3D printed parts help with the aesthetics. And the DiY video buffer is also used to restore the eachine DVR’s video level to standard amplitudes too. I designed it with FPV in mind.

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