Perhaps I’m biased, because I have had my caps-lock mapped to control on my laptop for years. No returns for repair service will be accepted without prior e-mail approval and a RMA number. The Keyboard may not be recognised by the host PC when resuming from a suspended state on some systems. Switch six is wake mode. Discovering what I don’t know.

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Set this so the keyboard will wake up the computer from sleep. These differences are pretty minor and provide in my mind hhkn noticeable performance gain.

But when i plug it into mac i was wondering if it would be possible so its like windows where the control key is in place of the caps lock as I am very used to this compared to going down to the command key next the spacebar. I bought from him since Mmac didn’t have to pay sales tax win! The nhkb of these weird keycodes are mainly reserved for Japanese character inputs.

Happy Hacking Professional 2 (White/Gray) – – Products

Caps Lock is not available. Can I change the key layout? Click Modifier Keys on the lower right. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.


Before connecting a USB device to the ports, check that the consumption current of your USB device does not exceed mA or the USB device may not be detected and may not function correctly.

HHKB on Mac Help : MechanicalKeyboards

ma A few of my go-to shortcuts required rethinking for the new keyboard layout. Okay, I just received it! EliteKeyboards’ website has kindly offered an overview of most DIP switch configurations available and the results when they are switched either ON or OFF respectively. Raw data for use with http: Low default Medium High Select the same height setting on the Left and Right sides of the keyboard, ensuring the hnkb click correctly into position.

HHKB Professional2

Be sure to check out our sister peripheral input subreddits: How can I use them? If you use the HHKB with the Japanese keyboard setting, you cannot input symbols such as brackets and in accordance with the symbols on the keys.

I installed the Mac driver but it doesn’t have an interface so I guess it’s running. After nearly amc year with my new friend, I have a few thoughts to share:. Switch Hitter Keyboard Diagnostic Software can help! Like the keyboards from the 80’s and 90’s that have a distinctive click as you type, as opposed to the thin keys on a laptop.


Would I still have to set dip switches to Mac mode? Use the power button on the computer to turn it on.


Other sales and hbkb questions: It just makes the Mac media keys work. I chose the HHKB with no marks on the keycaps. Along with the function layer, the HHKB has other differences in the key layout.

PC and Mac friendly, the HHKB2 maintains its wide functionality by replacing lesser used keys with key combinations, which once you get the hang of it, you may never want to use a full size macc again; the HHKB2 even provides audio controls Mac only and a built-in 2-port USB 2. After nearly a year with my new friend, I have a few thoughts to share: Please review our warranty terms for further information. Elite would have charged me sales tax in CA.

Wondering what is the mac driver for. Maybe I was doing something wrong. There are three different height settings:

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