Dabanshee, that sounds moderately familiar. Here’s what happened to me: Very weird since the motherboard seems to be keeping time well. Belmont, I had the similar problems with Win98SE with the 2. ATAPI support depends on the driver version being used.

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Abit HPT370 UDMA/ATA100 RAID Controller Free Driver Download

This is all installing from the CD. However, the firmware is needed to start the computer off the array, and as Windows will use the rom to access the drives anyway, it is perhaps better to retain the disks in the arrangement that the highpoint firmware put them in. The bytes 0x – 0x13FF appear on all the drives to be used by the hpt firmware to store some info about the raid layout in use.

Missed CDrom and usb devices. If there is one other hard disk attached then that would normally be hd0 when you have started from it, making the array hd1. To solve this problem you can do the upgrade as below: You can also experiment with the upt370 programs they supply like hptsvr and hptraidconf, again proprietary without source code unfortunately.


Get tech support here. Tue Jan 01, 4: Start XP setup as normal. In the initrd we set up dmraid and use it to mount the real root device. Run XP upgrade program in a running system.

Senior Technology Editor et Subscriptor. Sun Jan 06, 3: Very weird since the motherboard seems to be keeping time xpp. However, this is only valid for linux up to 2.

At this point you’d want to have copied your operating system fully on the fakeraid partition, if you haven’t already done so.

This writes it immediately after the hpt information block.

We will get some error with entry. To avoid this problem, you must use load utility v2. It stalled and crashed. XP hard locks when I tried installing detonator drivers 6th: Also, My usb mouse wasn’t detected. It saw the drives OK when I used a floppy with the highpoknt drivers during the install. I suggest making the 0x the first character of an english word in hex, and 0xF the last character of another english word.


HighPoint Global website

Wed Jan 02, Tue Jan 01, 7: Micro Ars Centurion Registered: Keep the floppy drive connected. Highpoknt a wanderer Registered: The only solution was resetting the computer and letting it do it again, then resetting the computer and letting it do it again, and so on until on the 5th or 6th reset, when it would suddenly work fine again.

Download What’s New Quick Specs. You’ll find the FAQ’s have changed some on the Highpoint page, but the warnings haven’t.

Highpoint recommended that hard disks on IDE sockets were not connected at this time as XP insists on writing the bootloader to those drives instead of the fakeraid array if they were connected.

Jul 20, Posts: Save the file and reboot. You now need to regenerate the initrd on the highponit partition now, i.

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