I find the tube screamer gives you that over the top kinda drive with lots of break up and that the Blues Driver is more of a clean boost thats more sparkle. The Bad Monkey is a very popular choice. Any pros or cons, versatility opinions? Log in or Sign up. Nov 2, 4.

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The additional tone controls really gives more options to shape the sound. Nov 5, 9. Vindibona1Mar 30, I just prefer them to the SD1. Finally, the Bandwidth switch allows you to choose between Stock, which is the original TS sound and Full Range, which backs off some of the low-end roll-off endemic to great Tube Screamers. The switch in the middle allows you to customize the clipping; Big is more open, higher gain, more touch-sensitive, and Smooth is more compressed and closer to the original circuit.

Ubanez taped a performance with this combo and a ts 8 clone, and really hated iabnez tone.

Blues Driver and TS 808

It shares a very similar tone stack and circuit board with the hot rod. I think you’ll like it a whole lot. Nov 15, Then, when I roll the volume back on my guitar I get a beautiful creamy clean.


The Nobels company makes but one pedal these days, and it is this: It also looks pretty nice, too. Starting at noon, if you turn it counter-clockwise, you get the bass and treble boosts, while clockwise boosts only the treble. I was genuinely screqmer at the tones I easily dialed out of the K BD You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Blues Driver and TS | The Gear Page

I got valuable knowledge. I am thinking of adding a BD 2 to my board.

Browse more Keeley products here. But if it works for you, like countless millions of others, so be it! Any pros or cons, versatility opinions?

I like ’em both. Offshore AnglerJun 5, Nov 1, 2. Browse more Way Huge products here. TS-9 is the trick for the medium SRV tone.

Boss Blues driver Vs. Ibanez tube screamer. – Ultimate Guitar

Toward the end ofT-Rex re-released their Classic line of their original three pedals, all of which are handmade in Denmark. Its a hardwire cm2. Distortion, Overdrive, Crunch, and Amp. I would really love to be able to treat the bd-2 screaemr my amp at the breaking point, and be able to stack ts for a nudge into scrramer lead sound like a think a TS pedal should be used – with an already cooking amp.


I play thru a TS-9 and a TS Controls are Drive, Level, and the elegantly-named Spectrum. Standard is the original BD-2, while Custom adds a fuller-range sound and a touch more gain.

Spectrum is tone, of which there is just more in comparison to the from which it derives. Given that the most popular way to start a pedal company is to develop your own take on the Tube Screamer, you are spoiled for choice when va comes to really, really good sounding take-offs.

RastusMar 30, Possibly the most transparent of this genre, the Mad Professor take offers a very similar circuit to the others on this list, but does not have the same mid-bump and bass roll-off that is available elsewhere.

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