All forums Printers and Printing Change forum. Replace the Top Cover by engaging the tabs on the left side of the cover and then lowering the right side until all the mounting holes are aligned. Carry over to your favorite photo management software for easy searching. This page should indicate that all the printheads are working properly. Here are the steps you should follow: They replaced the one black cart and I no longer have the error I now have Error Code This will expose three screws labeled 1, 2, and 3 which were hidden underneath the Printhead Carriage when it was at the far right.

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I would suggest cleaning the mylar tape that runs the width of the printer. I’ll need some more information from you in order to take a poke at answering your question. It still prints all colors but I still have to power it off between prints to clear the error code.

Now, slide the Printhead Cleaning Assembly into the printer from the right side. Carefully unhook the wires from the rear wire guide. However kodao looks like the colors do print out. If needed, Steps 2 through 7 can be repeated. The black Cartridge is new.


Clean the white wheel. Where is the Printhead Cleaning Assembly? I have replaced the black printhead, which got it working a few weeks ago but none of the color printheads have yet to be replaced.

This page requires Javascript. Did prniter clean the electric contacts at the back of the Cartridge and in the cartridgeholders with a lightly wetted cotton towel.

HP 2000c Inkjet Printer Ink Cartridges

You better find a better price for original inkcartridges. Boy this thing has been bugging me this Fall.

Remove each printhead one at a time. The reason this works is because the smart chip with the expiration information is attached to this plastic skirt. Within 6 minutes or so, you should be able to let go.

The places I’d check first would be: We Koxak Not be Beaten on Price I was able to get back to the repair around 1 PM the next day. I also have the Canon S which I use for photo printing. Hi Shu, Another inexpensive trick Nolan posted which helped me get my printer working follows: This printef was sold by a third party.

The second piece of information that I will need is to understand what you have your printer connected to Kofak out the water and let it dry overnight before replacing it.

HP Professional C | FixYourOwnPrinter

Nolan, Moe, or anyone else, About a month ago, my white bongo pad underneath the Cyan cartridge on my HP C printer broke. Thanks for the reply, no I didn’t replace the head. This may mean that you’re able to select a lower but faster print setting and still receive acceptable print quality, lowering your costs and saving you time. Ink Cartridge Codes The black ink cartridge is missing or improperly installed.


If you can just ignore the code, everything else should function as normal. I found a reference somewhere that helped me fix the bongo pump in the carriage adn now I am getting a bad Cyan printhead message.

That’s what the printer is looking at for it’s info. Top Kick PS I have Windows 98 and the printer toolbox does not print out an alignment page or a color calibration page.

For the photo-stuff I was doing, the i turned out to be faster, quieter, and even made equivalent- or perhaps somewhat better- -quality photo images than my c did.

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