The title may contain two, short, necessary context sentences. The printers that take the 15 and 45 cartridges are pretty durable and the cartridges last absurdly long especially in draft mode. My LaserJet is awesome. Obviously it’s retarded to try to print photos on a laser, even an inkjet does those better, but they can do them at the drugstore in 10x the quality for less money. Never buy inkjet again.

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The inkjet printer is a bait, most of the profits come from s0300 cartridge sales. Its never had any maintenance done except for replacing the toner cartridge. Scanner is just acceptable and copier work fine but printing is great.

%Info Lexmark TA11A Black Print T65X Return Program Toner Cartridge – Unexcavated

I expect as time goes on the s30000 will go up though. We buy a lot of “compatible” toner for customers that dont want to pay for the genuine stuff, and they all wreak havok on the machines.

They are called “monochrome networked laser printers. I’ve had a few questions about refills and this link explains it far better than I can http: They last a lot longer.

Costco charges something like 17 cents per 4×6 photo.

I purchased a cheap toner cartridge from what I now believe may have been one of these chinese serirs. They cost more to replace than ink cartridges but they will never dry up toner is already dry and the unit cost for copies is about cents per page, as opposed to an inkjet cartridge which will be about c per page on average not to mention that cost goes up if the ink dries up before you can use it If you’re looking to print color, and color lexjark printers are out of your price range, go for a Lexmark inkjet printer.


Upvoted, and I wish I could more than once. I work at a printer repair shop, and it’s ridiculous how much you’ll save in the long run. Mid range in the page yield for price. Dell and Lexmark suck with a few exceptions. I’ve replaced the toner ldxmark on it twice in that time, and it has seen heavy use in my home.

Lexmark S Series Driver – fantastic-films6

I swear these fucking things are vulnerable to possession. As a low-level engineer, I don’t look at overall market statistics much, but I can say we’re working damn hard to overcome the “laser bias. I am a toner tech at a cartridge refill shop and I use the laser cartridges that don’t quite pass the quality control which is pretty strenuous in my own personal printer and they print fine.

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Fuck yeah, those things are indestructible. Toner still there and even had an almost full ream of paper inside. It has driver support for every OS you could ever need. Their black and tricolor printers aren’t to bad either.



Its part of their business plan though to stop people like me from refilling them for a fraction of the cost. PostScript 3 support makes life easier. It’s worked perfectly for several years, and I’ve only had to replace the cartridge once. USB printing especially on Windows can fuck off all the way to hell. Got my Xerox during a special.

It doesn’t do anything fancy, but I’ve been using it for something like 5 years without any issues. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. The one catch is since the print heads are part of the printer the printer will use use your expensive ink to clean the print heads, and once the print heads do go you either have to replace the print heads or the printer itself which is expensive in both cases.

The rubber roller in the 2nd tray dried out and so they threw it away without even trying the third tray! If you need a scanner, go to the thrift store and pick up a used one for five bucks. Any idea why the xerox at my office fills its waste toner cartridge every two weeks?

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