Need to be added manually. In my understanding it’s only illegal if the repository is public. I wonder, if I would install dependency to my company repository, would it be illegal too? Sign up using Facebook. Jayen Chondigara 1 3.

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First you need to download the particular jar from Oracle site ojdbc. Compile the Maven Project Use the following commands to compile or install or package to oraclw the download. This username will be used in settings. Add Following dependency in pom.

We set up a repository here, and all of our projects now use it. To support standard java. Just a bunch of files that appear to reference it. jjdbc

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Install Oracle Jdbc driver in your Maven local repository

Could not resolve dependencies for project edu. Sign up using Email and Password.


It is Oracle’s fault that they do not have public Maven repository for their libraries. Could not resolve dependencies for project com. Nirmala Sundarappa Principal Product Manager.

Hi mkyong… the jdbc driver jar is not getting installed in m2 repository when i am executing the command. Go to your project folder from where you can run maven commands When you do an ls -ltr in this folder, you should see pom. Is there anything that i am missing.

Anyting specific, do I need to do? I am getting the below exception, could you please suggest. Barani r 7 If you want ojdbc, What you 1g1 do is download the ojdbc6.

Maven Repository: » ojdbc14

Below config worked for me. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

I wonder, if I would install dependency to my company repository, would it be illegal too? In addition, the companion jars including simplefan. Or I consistently repeatedly flubbed it up orac,e running the command, but no errors were issued. According to this answer it is illegal: If Raghuram would like to oravle this question, I’ll accept his answer instead.


Get Oracle JDBC drivers and UCP from Oracle Maven Repository (without IDEs)

I cannot seem to get Maven to bundle the ojdbc6. This has wasted so much time. Classes for NLS or Internalization support simplefan. Maven is super picky about versions which aren’t always easy to guess.

Need to be added manually. Can you check if the file ojdbc That’s new since I asked the question. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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