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Drive in Maxtor External Personal Storage The Maxtor Personal Storage comes complete with. He maxtro unable to get the computer to recognize the drive. Posted maxtor personal storage Oct 05, Be the first to answer.

The implication here is that if your USB ports work with every USB device on the market except the Maxtor even, according to Maxtor, every other external hard drive they makethen the defect x be with your USB Controller.

Try plugging the drive into mactor PC first, and then switch it on for peronal while. It worked fine, intsalled properly and I am backing up all of my sisters info as I type, So, my suggestion: When I try to go to the device manager for the USB ports, it says that a unknow device is plugged in, it says that there is no driver found that wokrs with the unknown device, but there is nowhere to find a driver for windows XP.



I’ve tried every possible combination of turning xpp the Maxtorre-booting the computer, plugging in the USB. Occasionally, and unpredictably, the computer will recognize the Maxtor. Personal Storage Diagnostic Utility This utility will test the hard drive contained in a Personal Storage device. Apple Boot Camp cannot be used on an external drive.

Maxtor Personal Storage 3100 – hard drive – 80 GB – USB 2.0 Series

Posted January 3, But start using another USB device like a scanner, storave, bus-powered USB hub etc and the disk will not get enough power from the bus and it will fail, completely or intermittently. Maxtor Support policy stinks and it is up to us to advertize it until they would do the responsible corporate thing, as Murray says above.

You will forfeit the warranty on the – but my guess is you will still keep the warranty Maxtor gives on the drive.

When you connect the drive to your system using the USB 1. Even worse sometime it does recognizes it but as CD drive only shivering I don’t actually have the drive in my possession right now, or I would investigate. SeaTools for Windows The quick diagnostic tool that checks the health of your drive. The Device Manager displays a yellow!


Personal Storage External Hard Drive | Seagate Support US

Sign in with Google. Personal Storage Installation Guide. Please familiarize yourself with each of. Add to my manuals Add. As I found out the hard way, maaxtor long EMails to Maxtor, the Personal Storage is a defective device that will not reproduceably be recognized by the Intel chip set [ Systems Deploy better infrastructure. Read within quotes what GMCS says in subsequent answers to my mails. That is the background to the Maxtor advise to plug it into a wall outlet – it will function better.

Exos Achieve greater capacity.

I told him to go get a USB 2. Storaage it, continue to print. The Maxtor Personal Storage is backward compatible and. Something to look into. Hence the first question:

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