Cooling none Internet Speed 45Mb down 5Mb up. So let’s proceed to other peculiarities. Originally Posted by fettu. But on the whole, such a cooler should be evidently avoided. I don’t have any jumpers on JAUD Fettu did you try this one?

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Especially as MSI offers an excellent solution for a motherboard on the modern nForce SLI – the new heatsink is enlarged we can also see that there is still empty space between the graphics ports.

As overclocking potential is an individual property of k9m4 given motherboard sample to some degree, we don’t set the task to determine overclocking potential to within a single MHz. Which drivers are needed for my PC?

MSI K9N4 SLI is a good example, although it has some drawbacks to be more exact, a single drawback — it inherited a bad chipset cooler from similar motherboards for Socket However, we have seen better IMD results.

Do I have all the drivers needed? Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Otherwise, we analyze their efficiency as well. Dmitry Laptev lpt ixbt.

No audio in Win 7 K9N4 SLI (MS) with latest Realtek driver

The mentioned BIOS parameters are available in this version, but the viability of non-standard settings hasn’t been tested. Considering that motherboard manufacturers did not wait for NVIDIA’s approval to use nForce 4 for Socket AM2 and such motherboards were offered by all manufacturers right from the start, we did not test them for a simple reason – no time.


Thanks for the replies Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Lanes cannot be reallocated, if you use a single video card. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. It’s much more interesting to review motherboards on fresh chipsets.

MSi K9N4 SLI Series User Giude: 3d Audio Demo

According to the current driver, I have it in the Line Out jack on the back Good idea about the thrift store Now I can play Portal 2! Drivers drivers needed hi thr i need drivers for dell inspiron Win 8 Release candidate Wow, this is my first time playing with MBs directly. I do not have any jacks in the front for line out audio. All capacitors come from the same manufacturer, but not from a first-tier one we couldn’t identify it.

MSI K9N4 SLI – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM2 – nForce SLI Overview – CNET

Or possibly a local thrift shop has some old PC junk that has them that you could get cheap. Unfortunately, the chipset cooler is the only gripe with this motherboard. BioShock Infinite and Metro: But it won’t hurt to review at least several typical models.


They also say that overclocking takes into account CPU temperature in order to avoid negative consequences of overheating. I sent my hard drive this morning to Seagate for RMA and they got it already after a few hours.

Maybe in a week or less, they will be able to send me a new one.

MSI K9N4 SLI – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM2 – nForce 500 SLI

So it’ll be easy to find an efficient replacement, especially if you like to perfect cheap models. I already checked a few websites, MSI dot com one of i9n4. Indeed, consumers associate nForce4 chipsets with something ancient. If you have any old HDD’s or optical drives laying about the jumpers on the back of them are the same and will work for that.

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